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Joshua Creech
The chicken platter was amazing. More than enough food for a meal and included a ton of ingredients. This place never disappoints and is always quick with the food. Delicious halal food.

May A
Had the lamb gyro. 11/10. So much meat and enough sauce. Chicken platter my husband loves. Tried the philly steak. Less meat obviously because of the veggies. And meat was not dry ! Which was so good.

Amjad Ahmed
This is the BEST PLACE TO EAT IN ALL OF MICHIGAN. I truly believe that this food will enlighten your view on how delicious food can be.  I had orders the combo platter and I was blown away my expectations were blown out the water. The food immaculate white sauce amazing the hot sauce tangy and spicy what more do you want.

As has always been my experience, both the service and quality of food at NYC Halal Eats were excellent during my recent order. Whenever I visit, I always feel like I'm being treated as family. I'd highly recommend anyone who hasn't tried the food here to do so immediately. My favorite is the lamb gyro with the red and white sauce.

Batool Fatima
Great food, super great hospitality! Loved the platter, the baklava & the fresh chocolate chip cookies! Found a new favourite place. Cheese burger is wow! Loved it! I don't think so I have had a better cheese burger than this in our area! And appreciation for the staff, always generous and kind !

Ahmad Karneeb
I am myself a restaurant co-owner, so when i say the service and food are phenomenal then you should believe me. Philly steak sandwich  definitely hit the spot nevertheless the gyros meat is perfect. Give this place a try, you will not regret it.